Allow for embedding of dashboard type elements in Story Maps content

04-21-2020 05:04 PM
New Contributor II

It would be great to embed more things natively in Story Maps along the lines of indicators and graphs (such as those found in Dashboards) that could sit in to a story next to the linked map in the Sidecar view. For example, a graph that breaks down the map's data, an inline legend/feature popup, or indicators showing counts/statistics of map features shown.

An quick interim workaround could be to allow the embedding of 'mini' Dashboards in Sidecar's content area - this would allow for embedding (but not linked) dashboard counts/graphs to be added inline and sit alongside the main map - at the moment it is restricted to displaying it as a card only. Here's an example mocked up using a third party embedded graph:

Interactive Graph embedded in Story Map example

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Yes! I would love to add gauges and other simple Dashboards to a sidecar.