Adjustable Font Size in the new ArcGIS Story Maps

01-19-2021 08:16 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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In the new ArcGIS Story Maps builder, there is no way to customize font size. The only way to change font sizes are to change to the preset sizes based on type of text (paragraph, heading, etc.). We are looking at putting together story maps for various presentations. With a specific organization style guide to adhere to, we need the capability to adjust the text to the sizes as indicated in the style guide. It would be helpful to be able to highlight text in any area of the story map builder (be that a sidecar, caption, guided tour, slideshow, paragraph, etc.) and adjust the font size of that highlighted text (much like the text colors and emphasis like bold or italics can be adjusted in that way). Another possibility for adjustable font sizes would be to include the option to change the preset sizes of the type of texts in the new themes builder so we could create a template to use in all presentations where the paragraph text is the size we need for paragraphs, heading text is the size we need for headings, etc.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

This is an accessibility issue and should be implemented. 


@StaceMaples -- Thanks for your feedback on this idea!

This idea is still under consideration by our product team, but it would be helpful if you could please provide more detail on the accessibility issues you mentioned.


In my particular case- I would like to have smaller text adjacent to an inserted photo. Having the ability to resize the text would provide context. While auto-changing the font & allowing bold/italics to differentiate is nice, being able to (in my case) lower the font size would contextually link the text with the photo. Thanks @OwenGeo 


@DanielColeGriggs -- Thanks for providing some additional information about this idea. Could the information you're referring to go in the image caption? The caption text is smaller than paragraph text and is positioned close to the image.

If you have something else in mind, would you be able to create a rough mockup of where the text would be positioned and how it would look so we can better understand what you're trying to accomplish?


Thanks for the response. I should've mentioned I'm working in the Ridgeline theme. The image caption is indeed a workaround but for continuity, I've been reserving that for image credits. I was looking to have a quote text adjacent to the image. The quote is a bit lengthy & is related to the image but given that it seems I can only have quote text larger/below the image, it feels separate from the image.

Here's a quick mockup:

Currently- this is what it looks like




img credit



What I would like to accomplish



"QUOTE TEXT"                                     IMAGE

                                                 img credit     


Hope this helps & thanks again @OwenGeo for the response.


@DanielColeGriggs -- OK, I see thanks.

FYI, there is a dedicated space for attribution where you can add image credits. It's in the image options (click the gear) and the information you enter appears when the reader hovers over a small (i) icon that's added to the top corner of the image.

Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 3.56.28 PM.jpg


That's great to know thanks @OwenGeo!


I wonder if it's possible to have a button that's available to the public (like "translation" is in Hub) where a user can automatically pick their font size based on their own accessibility needs. Sometimes changing the browser settings can be a road block for the public. On my county's web page they provide this: 




I am having this same issue.  I am still using Classic Storymaps because of the inability to increase the font size the new Storymap.  We use storymap to make presentations for public meetings.  Participants love the interactive style of storymap.  The problem is font size.  We have individuals with vision disabilities and in the new Storymap the font size makes it unreadable for those with viual disabilities in our community.  Because of this issue and ADA rules we will have to find a new product to use when you no longer support Classic Storymap.  As a municipality we are required to meet the disability needs of those in our community.

I would appreciate any innovations or changes that would help with this issue.


Chelle Mount