Add Organization information to StoryMaps URL or Sign In dialogue box

03-02-2020 03:56 PM
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I am a member of several (private) ArcGIS Online Organization. I was given a link to a StoryMap recently and I have no idea which Organizational site I need to sign in to. Basically I have to try each one to find out which Organizational site this StoryMap belonged to.

Sure, whoever sent me the link could have provided that information, but should they need to? And if they only belong to one organizational site then they may not even realize we have multiple within the company. Also we engage with a wide variety of users with different levels of experience with ArcGIS Online.

When you launch a StoryMap from a link and you need to sign in, there should be some prompt or indication as to which Organization you need to sign in to.

This link to a StoryMap takes you to the generic ArcGIS Online sign in:

No help here on which Organization to sign in to...

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@JamieLambert -- We acknowledge this is currently a limitation that impacts the experience of sharing stories privately between people who belong to multiple organizations.

We are looking for a good solution, but there are some technical challenges. For now, we do have a partial solution that you can try.

If you have a need to share a non-public story that requires a login to your organization, you can construct a URL that contains information about which organization the story belongs to using either of the two formats below:

In the URLs above, storyID is the story item's global ID, and orgID is the short name of your organization. The short name is the first part of your organization's website URL. For example, for, the orgID would be "epa."

Either of these links will redirect the person following them to your organization's sign-in page and then to the story (if they provide valid credentials to the organization). Please let us know if you have feedback on this partial solution.

The limitation of this solution is that the person who is sharing the story must manually construct one of these URLs, which we realize is not ideal. We'd like to get to the point where this "just works" for anyone, but there are several challenges with the current system architecture that are impeding our progress toward a complete solution. We'll continue to evaluate other options as the ArcGIS platform capabilities advance, but we don't have a specific path forward at the moment.