Add links/buttons to images in a gallery card

02-11-2021 03:41 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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The new gallery card is great for uploading multiple images and a big time saver. This block could be enhanced even more if we had the option to add links, buttons and/or text to images, similar to the gallery card in ArcGIS Hub or the 'Cards' template in Flourish.

This could then be a nice way to share logos and links to organisation websites: 


Or a gallery of other apps/maps to explore:


This looks much more interesting and interactive than a simple bullet point list of URL links! It would also be much quicker to configure than creating a custom app using the web app builder or experience builder.


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Status changed to: Under Consideration

This is under consideration.

For now, to achieve this effect you may be able to create and embed within your story a gallery made with another ArcGIS app like the Minimal Gallery template.


Mentioned this in another post: use the Attribution field on each Image options to store an hyperlink.

I realized that creating the hyperlink in a Word/Excel document and copying it into that field, when you hover over the attribution icon on top of your image it will display the hyperlink and you can click on it to open in a new window.