Python 2.0 adds ArcGIS StoryMaps module

02-05-2022 04:31 AM
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The 2.0 version of the ArcGIS API for Python has been released, and it contains a new module for working with ArcGIS StoryMaps.

Using the new module you can create and edit stories programmatically, and this opens up a whole range of possibilities. This capability can be useful if you need to make regular updates to information in a story. You could use a python script to replace images of charts, pieces of text (such as status references, data numbers, etc), or even web maps with the latest versions. You could also use python to generate a set of similar stories using different content; for example, a report for every municipality in a state or county.

Check out the documentation for the new module here:
arcgis.apps.storymap module — arcgis 2.0.0 documentation.

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