Briefings (beta): Known Issues and What's Coming...

08-17-2023 01:52 AM
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Briefings are in beta, so we've got a lot more planned. This is a short list of issues you might run into and also a preview of what's planned.

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For the latest on what's been added to briefings and all of ArcGIS StoryMaps, see these What's New posts.

What's coming

Here are some things we are working on or considering for future updates. Recently released items are shown in bold.

  • Add a briefing to a collection (added Aug 30)
  • Navigate a briefing using the keyboard (added Aug 30)
  • Support slide remotes/clickers (added Sep 14)
  • A companion mobile app that enables you to take briefings offline (v1 released Sep 27)
  • Add a link to a web page (aded Oct 11)
  • Add a link to another slide (added Oct 25)
  • Configure offline content for maps and embeds (released Jan 2024)
  • New slide layouts (released Jan 2024)
  • Autoplay (released Jan 2024)
  • Resize text (planned for Feb 2024, released Jan 2024)
  • Duplicate a slide (planned for Feb 2024, released Jan 2024)
  • Swap content between slides on double-panel layouts (released Feb 2024)
  • Print a briefing to a hard copy or PDF (planned for Mar 2024)
  • Additional content types like table, code, gallery, etc. (planned for Q2 2024)
  • Undo/redo (planned for Mar 2024)
  • Map actions
  • Slide transitions
  • And lots more...


Known Issues and limitations

We wanted you to know we're aware of these issues and looking to address them in an upcoming release...

  • Updating an uploaded file attachment removes the link and attachment (fixed)
  • Briefings are not available when using a free, public ArcGIS account  (fixed)
  • Several tooltips reference collections or stories where they should refer to briefings. (fixed)
  • In some situations, the briefing slides' aspect ratio may not always be as expected, and text may scale in an undesirable way when the browser window is resized (fixed)
  • When viewing a briefing with a lot of slides, the table of contents may not scroll on some screens (fixed)
  • Briefings with several maps may crash when viewed on a mobile device (fixed)
  • Navigation controls are not available when a briefing is embedded (fixed)
  • Heading links copied while viewing a briefing do not work as expected (fixed)
  • Autoplay reset button does not work (fixed Feb 7)
  • ArcGIS image items viewed as attachment links are not centered (fixed Feb 7)
  • "Learn more" link in offline tab doesn't point to documentation (fixed Feb 7)
  • Quotes are not shown correctly in the briefing table of contents (planned to be fixed Feb 28)
  • Swipe maps may not be configured for offline use (planned to be fixed Feb 28)
  • GIFs are not supported as ArcGIS image item attachments
  • ArcGIS Content and Web Page attachment links cannot be configured for offline use


Updated 2/20/24 3pm ET

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