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02-17-2023 05:19 AM
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Earlier this week we shared some information and advice about an infrequent but serious issue we've been tracking that can prevent a story, collection, or theme from being editable. Below is an update on what we've been doing to address this.

The previous announcement mentioned we had already simplified the current recovery process and were working on a way to make it even easier. We prioritized this work and released it last night in an update to ArcGIS StoryMaps (and

If you are affected by this issue, you'll no longer see an error screen or have to manually work with a recovery file. You'll now see a recovered version of your item with a small message window at the top of the screen. You can review the recovered version, re-save it in one click, and continue your work. If you have been working on multiple computers or browsers, you may want to open the item where you most recently edited it to recover your most recent changes.

We're continuing our work to find and address the source of this issue, but we believe this new auto-recovery process should minimize its impact on your work. Until this issue is completely resolved, we still recommend closing the browser tab with the story/collection/theme builder when you're finished editing as a precaution.

Please share any additional issues or feedback below or contact Esri Support.


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@GeoOwn, Thank you to the Esri support team! 

"open the item where you most recently edited it to recover your most recent changes" was definitely key to make it work for me. 

Thank you!

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