ANNOUNCEMENT: Issue with some maps not loading

10-27-2023 09:32 AM
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Updated: Oct 27, 2023 4:30 pm ET



Please see this update to the announcement below:
UPDATE: Issue with some maps not loading - Esri Community



Storytelling community members,

We are tracking an issue that was introduced in an update earlier this week. Please read this important announcement for details.

What is the issue?

Community members have reported that maps are not loading in some stories.

What causes the issue?

We have determined this issue is caused when there is a map in a story that has:

  1. The legend enabled in the map configuration options AND...
  2. At least one layer that is hidden OR configured in the web map to not show in the legend

A hidden layer is one whose visibility is toggled OFF in the layer list when placing the map in a story. This can occur if the story author manually toggles a layer off while placing the map or if the original web map has a layer that is toggled off. Layers can be configured to not show in the legend in the layer properties of the web map.

A map that exhibits the conditions above may load as expected; however, when you scroll this map out of view an error occurs that causes other maps in the story not to load.


If you have an urgent need to fix a story that is affected by this issue there are two workarounds you can use while we work to address this issue with a software fix.

  1. The simplest one is to turn off the legend in the story builder for any maps that have hidden layers.
  2. If you would prefer to leave the legend on, you can remove any hidden layers from the map and/or toggle the Show in map legend setting on. Keep in mind, this may represent more significant changes to your story or the maps in it, and this may not be a feasible workaround if you are using a map in a sidecar for map choreography since the hidden layers may be toggled on in some sidecar slides.

Before making these changes to a story, you may need to reload the builder. This will refresh the page and reset it so that maps will load again if you had already triggered the error.

If there are multiple maps in your story that need to be fixed be sure to work from the first map to the last. If the maps stop loading at any point, reload the page and go back to the first map that still needs to be updated. 

Addressing the issue

We apologize for the disruption this has caused some of our customers. This is our top priority and we are actively investigating how to address this issue with a software patch. We will post updates here on our Esri Community blog when we have new information to share.

Until then, please use one of the workarounds if you have a story that is affected by this issue.

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