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Additional StoryMaps documentation available for Enterprise customers

02-25-2022 10:14 AM
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This week, the StoryMaps team published our largest update to our documentation since the launch of ArcGIS StoryMaps. Several of the additions are focused on ArcGIS Enterprise customers and helping answer some of their common questions.

One of the new resources is a "What's New" topic specific to ArcGIS StoryMaps capabilities on ArcGIS Enterprise. This page lists many of the new features and updates to ArcGIS StoryMaps in each Enterprise release. It's essentially like the Release Notes page that already exists for the ArcGIS Online version of ArcGIS StoryMaps.

There's also a feature comparison table that lists the major capabilities of ArcGIS StoryMaps and easily lets you figure out which version(s) of ArcGIS Enterprise they can be found on. 

In addition to these general resources, another new topic was published describing the administrative settings that are available in ArcGIS Enterprise.

Even though these topics refer to ArcGIS Enterprise, we wanted to make them available in the web version of the documentation so they would be available to everyone, (regardless of whether you have ArcGIS Enterprise installed in your organization, or which version you might have installed). The table and what's new list both cover back to 10.8.1, which was the first release of ArcGIS StoryMaps on Enterprise. 

We hope you find these topics useful. Please let us know if you have any feedback or have other ideas for new topics or changes to our documentation.

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Owen is the lead product engineer on Esri's StoryMaps Team and is located in Esri's DC R&D Center in Arlington, VA. He's been with Esri since 2004, and was a Solution Engineer on the National Government Team until 2015. His main areas of interest are StoryMaps and Web GIS and his hobbies include hockey, tech/gadgets, and guitar.