Extract Value to Point Python error ** Too Many Equations **

01-04-2012 02:20 PM
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first the basics:
Raster format: GRID
Point data set format: file geodatabase
software: ArcGIS for Desktop 10x sp3 (standard edition)
Python IDE: WING 4.1.2

I am looping through a list of tuples to extract several different raster's values to point. each tuple in the list contains the point data set used for extraction, the raster and the output point data set, passed by ref. One of the output point data sets is then used in an additional Extract value to Point geoprocess (this is done to have both the binary and floating point values side by side). It is during this process that my python window prints out about 100,00 lines of
** Too Many Equations **
these lines are then printed prior to the GetMessages() method called post extract value to point...
the process then finishes successfully...Has any one seen this before?

rasterArray = [(bPixelPts,wetnessGrid,eSFextract),(bPixelPts, standingWaterGrid, fSFextractSW),(bPixelPts, multiDateGrid, mWetChange),(bPixelPts, gbWetnessGrid, qSFextract),(bPixelPts, gbMultiDateGrid, nWetchange)]
for item in rasterArray:
    print arcpy.GetMessages()
    if (item[2].find("Q_SFextract_Wet_a"))!=-1:
        print "Found Q_SFextract_Wet_a..."
        arcpy.AddField_management(str(item[2]),"WETBINARY","Long", "", "", "", "", "NULLABLE", "NON_REQUIRED", "")
        sa.ExtractValuesToPoints(str(item[2]),gbFloatGrid,qSFextractBandF,"NONE","ALL") ##WHERE IS PRINTS ERROR
        print arcpy.GetMessages()
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I have also run some python code and am getting the same message printed to my display console in the Eclipse environment: ** Too Many Equations **
I am running ArcGIS 10 SP4, so this problem has not been resolved yet.
I'm getting the error message after running the tool "ExtractValuesToPoints" and also "ZonalStatisticsAsTable".
My raster is large, but does this explain the error message received? But to add to the complication, the attribute data seems to be populating the feature class or table. However, this is very disconcerting - can I trust the results of these tools??
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It is possible that you are inputting a multilayer raster and using the "ALL" option. Use the tool ExtractMultiValuesToPoints  instead of ExtractValuesToPoints and this should solve your problem.
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OK. Thanks Geordie, your advice fixed the problem for ExtractValuesToPoints.

Using ExtractValuesToPoints with the "ALL" option on my single-layer raster (it's just a DEM) caused the error message "** Too Many Equations **" to occur.

Setting the "add_attributes" option to "VALUE_ONLY" fixed the problem.
Also running the ExtractMultiValuesToPoints tool works, but is not necessary for my situation.

I believe this is a bug on ESRI's part though. Setting the "ALL" option for "add_attributes" shouldn't cause an error if there is only one attribute. The tool should just run and calculate the one attribute. "ALL" should mean all the attributes for a raster, whether there is one attribute or several. There is no need for an error message when the tool encounters only one attribute. Using the "ALL" option saves reprogramming scripts if a different raster with several values is used at a later point.
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