Need to share directions turn-to-text to another user with map screen shot

08-10-2020 04:26 AM
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Hi I am raja ,I am using Esri maps(version 4.8) in our web application development .We have added the directions widget on maps as per our requirement using developer credit. Here we need to send screen shot of map and turn-to-turn text to another user,So is there any in build feature is exists or how to achieve this, can you please help .Thank you in advance

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Once you have created a map and got the route and directions between stops, the usual ways to share it is to host the solution and give the URL to other users / if you don’t want to set up any hosting platform, you can try to implement it on an ArcGIS online map and share it with other users in your organization.
if you have implemented the app with web app builder – then you can apply the ‘directions’ widget to that like mentioned here:
Once published on AGOL -
Other users can also use ArcGIS Navigator app on mobile /Explorer app -
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