Dynamic deconflicting label placement not working as expected in 100.9

12-18-2020 01:52 AM
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We are creating a .NET WPF desktop application with ArcGIS Runtime 100.9.
Our customer has point objects stored in a no-geodatabase oracle db. The coordinates of these points are stored as double values in x and y columns. To display them we create graphic objects. That works well. The problem is the labeling.

Because there are multiple objects at the same location, the labels should be placed in different directions, so no overlapping happens (at least as long as there is enough space). We try do setup the label-definition with a dynamic deconflict-strategy like the following (Runtime label-definition JSON):


With that label-definition assigned to the graphics-overlay holding the points, all labels are placed above-right overlapping each other. Sometime, when the map is moved, one or the other label is moved to another position but I have never seen a circular arrangement or at least one label in all/four directions.

Are there some errors or does the combination not working this way?
Are there other properties that could have an effect to the label placement?
There is no labelPlacement value like "best position" (found in ArcGIS Pro Maplex-Label-Engine) that should be used, right?
Does the deconfliction strategy only work with different priorities or only over different graphics-overlay?

Any help/hint/idea is greatly appreciated!

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