Supported symbols in ArcGIS Runtime

12-01-2015 09:02 AM
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We are seeing issues when generating content which looks like it is to do with symbology. Even with an empty geodatabase (schema only) the process will fail. This will sometimes say "one or more layers is not supported in ArcGIS Runtime" but also sometimes just crashes ArcMap.

If we take a clean MXD and add the same schema only data and then run runtime content creation the process works. If it is the symbology then Analyze in ArcMap does not catch any issues.

What symbology is supported? There are a ton in ArcObjects to choose from : ArcObjects Help for .NET developers but I *think* the type that is causing the problem in this case is CharacterMarkerSymbol.

If anyone has any feedback on using CharacterMarkerSymbol that would be awesome.


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