Is it an acceptable practice to use ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET on the server?

04-13-2015 08:32 AM
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The documentation says that the ArcGIS Runtime SDk for .NET is for desktop, store, and mobile applications. Does that mean it shouldn't be used for server-based applications? For instance, we have some back-end services that are used by multiple internal web applications that, in turn, call ArcGIS Server for various geospatial functions.


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The ArcGIS Runtime licensing model is per deployment on desktop/tablet/mobile devices and there is no licensing model to support server-based usage. However, I have passed your request on to product management for further consideration.



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Thanks Mike. I have passed more details onto Rex.

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I posed the same question to the Singapore based reps but they are not answering. Is there someone else I can contact?

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While it is technically possible to use the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET (Desktop) on the server, deployment in this capacity currently violates the product license (  See the Scope of Use: Exhibit 1, Addendum 1, Section 2, Note 19. 


Can you provide one or scenarios where you would like to use the Runtime SDK for .NET in this capacity?



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Just found this post looking for an answer to my own problem:

In my case, we have a web service that will take service calls as input from a call center.  The information in the request may have several means of matching to a location, but I need to access the db directly, use an address geocode lookup, and possibly find the center of an area.  To do this, I've written my web service in .Net (C#) and deployed it in IIS on the web server.

Everything works great when I run through my development machine, but the deployed verison has issues with the runtime.  From what I'm reading above the runtime should not be used with web server-deployed apps.  Are there no longer libraries for .NET on the server side of things?  I'm executing my geocode, etc. through rest services, but I need access to the ESRI types (Point, etc.) so put in the reference to the runtime, thinking that was what I needed.

Any clarification will be much appreciated.



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I have a similar use case like Mikkel Hylden​. I was using Java esri Geometry Api for serving My Java web API requests - The requests typically would be to merge polygons(GeoJsons), creating buffers, etc mostly using the GeometryEngine and Geometry/MapGeometry types. Now we are porting this web application from Java to .Net. Is there an equivalent package to do these manipulations if not the .Net SDK.? Any guidance will be much appreciated.


Meenakshi Sundaram