HydrographicS57Layer - map content frozen

11-30-2015 01:09 AM
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We are using the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Store Apps (10.2.6) with the HydrographicS57Layer.

Unfortunately we have realized, the map control to become instable when using this layer: During navigation, typically after zooming interactions, the map content seems to freeze. Zooming and panning is still possible, but the rendered content of the whole control is no longer updated and we have to restart our app.

A typical picture in a sample app reproducing the issue:


The issue seems to occur more frequent,

  • if the hardware is rather weak (tablet instead of development notebooks),
  • if we add more S57 files (we would like to use at least 10 S57 cells),
  • if we add more content to the map using graphics layer,
  • if we intensify zooming interactions with the map

In our intended constellation it is impossible for us to use the hydrographic layer. Sometimes the map content is already frozen after the initial setup of the control. Typically it is frozen after the first 10 seconds of usage.

We have tried to reduce rendering by changing the HydrographicS52DisplayProperties - without success.

We can reproduce this issue with a minimal sample project with our own S57 files and with public files from NOAA.

Thank you for any suggestion!


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