How to use ArcGis Runtime SDK for .NET with Xamarin.Forms PCL and custom renderers?

05-22-2017 04:07 AM
New Contributor

Hello, i already learned that Xamarin.Forms PCL Projects are not supported by ArcGis Runtime SDK. Even though i tried to use the plotform specific NuGet packages through custom renderers in a PCL project, but no basemap is shown. Has anybody experience with this project structure?

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Esri Frequent Contributor

You might be able to pull off a PCL using bait'n'switch, but you won't be able to access/expose any functionality of the underlying runtime, but need to wrap everything in PCL compatible types.

However just note that bait'n'switch doesn't give you one binary for 'n' platforms, but gives you 'n+1' binaries, as opposed to a shared project giving you 'n' binaries (albeit you can then package them into a single nuget reference which would be the only way to really use bait'n'switch).

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