How to store 3D polyline into database?

07-10-2018 07:03 PM
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I only use Arcgis 100.2.1 and draw a 3D polyline on sceneview, no arcgis server or portal or online server or pro.Is there any way to store this 3D polyline to sql server database? how to make this?

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I don't believe there's anything in the Runtime SDK that will do this for you, as the Runtime is part of and primarily integrates with the ArcGIS platform.  If it's at all possible for you to leverage the platform to store your data, that's going to provide you with a clear and supported path for storing, viewing, and updating your polylines.  Outside of that, it's technically possible to implement your own logic to store this data in a SQL server database using .NET components that exist outside the Runtime, but you'd presumably be on your own in getting that working and troubleshooting issues.

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