Create Features in mobile geodatabase

09-14-2021 04:49 AM
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I generated a ".geodatabase" with ArcMap (Export runtime content).

When I try with my code to add new Features, I receive an exception, the canEdit property is set as False  😞

Is it a way to insert new data in an empty geodatabase or it's mandatory to download data as offline data ?



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I found this documentation :  export runtime content 

Include feature and tabular data for read-only reference—Include all of the feature layers, tables, and relationship classes from the current map in the ArcGIS Runtime content. These layers will be read-only in your ArcGIS Runtime SDK-based app


Is it an another way to make an empty geodatabase and write new features in a table ?

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With ArcGIS Pro (2.7 or later) you can create a new mobile geodatabase and add tables to that geodatabase then use the current ArcGIS Runtime 100.12 release to create/edit features in those tables. For more information see Mobile geodatabases and Read and edit standalone mobile geodatabases.

Would you like to use the ArcGIS Runtime API to create a new empty mobile geodatabase and create a new table, including defining the table schema?



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