Can web map custom properties be applied to local replicas?

04-12-2016 11:03 AM
Occasional Contributor

In order to use the .NET Runtime to render an offline map replica in the same way as that data is rendered inside a web map, it seems right to simply set certain properties of a FeatureLayer to the equivalent properties of a WebMapLayer:

        private static void SetRenderingProperties(WebMapLayer onlineLayer, FeatureLayer featureLayer)


            featureLayer.IsVisible = onlineLayer.IsVisible;

            featureLayer.Renderer = onlineLayer.LayerDefinition.DrawingInfo.Renderer;

            featureLayer.Opacity = onlineLayer.Opacity;

            featureLayer.DefinitionExpression = onlineLayer.LayerDefinition.DefinitionExpression;


Is this the right way to go about it? It is supported? If so, is there additional properties besides the ones above that should be set to make the rendering equivalent in offline scenarios?

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