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Attributes of a feature won't sync to server

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04-11-2016 11:07 AM
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I'm creating a web service that will be passed a list of objects that include the Lat/Long coordinates and some other data such as Speed.  When I use the ArcGISRuntime library to add the features to my map service that is running, the Geometry will appear but none of the attributes ever will.  Here is my code:

                foreach (GPSLocation loc in aLocationsToStore)


                    var theLatLongPoint = new MapPoint(loc.Longitude, loc.Latitude, SpatialReferences.Wgs84);

                    var theProjectedPoint = GeometryEngine.Project(theLatLongPoint, theSpatialReference);

                    var theDateTime = Convert.ToDateTime(loc.DateTime);

                    //Feature gpsFeature = new GeodatabaseFeature(gpsLocFeatureTable.Schema);

                    var gpsFeature = gpsLocFeatureTable.CreateNew();

                    gpsFeature.Geometry = theProjectedPoint;

                    var attributes = gpsFeature.Attributes;

                    attributes["SPEED"] = loc.Speed;

                    await gpsLocFeatureTable.AddAsync(gpsFeature);


                var result = await gpsLocFeatureTable.ApplyEditsAsync(true);

After running this, in the map service I can see the MapPoints in the feature layer, but all of the attribute values of the point are 'null'  Any idea what I'm doing wrong or how I can get the attributes to sync?


I tried sniffing the network data using WireShark and this is what I get for the adds value:















It seems as though it is overriding all of the attributes that I explicitly define when I call AddAsync.  Any ideas on how to get attributes in the attributes object?

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