ArcGISRuntime 100.12 Upgrade Query Issue

11-18-2021 09:08 AM
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Hi there,

My team is upgrading our Xamarin application to use ArcGISRuntime 100.12. We're coming from Runtime 100.11.

With the upgrade, we're noticing a bit of change in behavior for feature query (`QueryFeaturesAsync`). In particular, if we have a visible feature on the map, and we do a subsequent query for the feature with the `QueryParameters` property `ReturnGeometry = false`, the feature will be visually removed from the map (as if the local feature cache is updated?).

We notice this for a case where we have a visible feature, click to identify, and we subsequently query to retrieve attributes and attachments. If the subsequent query has `ReturnGeometry = false`, the feature symbol visibly disappears.

Previously, in 100.11, the feature visibility is not impacted by a subsequent query with `ReturnGeometry = false`. As a workaround, we can avoid the feature disappearing by using `ReturnGeometry = true` when we subsequently query for attributes and attachments, but it feels less ideal.

As a point of interest, once a feature has 'disappeared', zooming in and out will often cause it to 'reappear'.

This behavior can be confusing to users as features seem to disappear and appear with subsequent queries and map zooms.

Is this change in behavior intentional? Can we avoid disappearing symbols without having to always perform queries with `ReturnGeometry = true`? As it stands, it's a bit of a breaking change for us, as we'll have to request geometry with all queries to avoid features disappearing.



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As a point of clarification - it seems like this happens reliably with point features. It also appears to happen with polyline/polygon, but more intermittently.

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