Setting Workspace for Runtime Environment

09-18-2015 12:05 PM
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I have a observer points model that I exported to a GPK to run in my Runtime for Java App.  It's elevation source is specified by the inline variable "%workspace%", so it gets the value from the geoprocessing Environment settings in the desktop.  The elevation source is specified as "%workspace%\FOUNDATION.gdb\DEM_UTM".  It does not get it from a modeled parameter so the user does not actually set the workspace parameter wen running the model.  In ArcMap, when the user opens an already exisiting MXD with base maps, the workspace is already set, so they do not have the option of setting the workspace when running the model. This model will work with specific elevation data files depending on what MXD they load.  Using this same model how to I set the geoprocessing environment workspace so I can achieve this same workflow.

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