How to disable logging in the runtime

07-23-2020 12:43 AM
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Hi all.

I have a very dumb question regarding the runtime, version 100.8.

I have developed a small application and compiled it to a runnable jar. Whenever I am running the java code or the jar in cmd, before getting printed what I need, the first 2 messages printed are : "Initializing... " and "Java version : 11.0.7 (Oracle Corporation) amd64" (see print sceen below)

Is there a way to disable/supress this? I suspect this is coming from within the runtime

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Thank you for your question: you are correct, those messages do indeed come from within ArcGISRuntime, and it's not currently possible to turn them off. Is there a reason that you would like to see this turned off, or to have the option not to display this message? We'd be interested to hear! 

Many thanks,


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Hi Rachel,

Thanks a lot for your reply!

Well, my reason is that created a small application and compiled it as a runnable jar (no GUI), and I`m calling this jar as a subprocess in a NodeJS API, and here I`m trying to catch the output from the jar and parse it (the JSON). Of course, without skipping those messages, my NodeJS API cannot parse a string like  "Initializing... " and "Java version : 11.0.7 (Oracle Corporation) amd64" because it`s not a JSON structure.

I was able to avoid/skip the first 2 messages and only catch the real output (JSON output) from the jar but I was wondering if there is a way to disable it because for me and in this case it`s not important. I`m only interested to see the output message from my application. 

I hope you understood my situation/reason



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