Programatically set the reference scale

05-10-2013 12:25 PM
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In ArcMap, in the data frame, you can set the reference scale.  This is a scale where all symbol sizes are what you specified, and when you zoom-in/out, the symbols scale accordingly instead of being a fixed size.  Where is this reference scale property in the iOS SDK ?

The reason I'm asking is because this reference scale works great for AGSDynamicMapServiceLayer, but when creating a AGSFeatureLayer, the symbols are a fixed size.  So I want to see if I can set the reference scale in the AGSFeatureLayer and get scalable symbols, so that the symbols scale like they do in the AGSDynamicMapServiceLayer.
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Esri Regular Contributor
The reference scale setting available in ArcMap/Feature layer is not available in ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS feature layer. The document for working with data frame reference scales  says, "When designing and working with interactive and web maps, it's likely that you will want to disable this reference scale behavior".  So, it is not recommended to set reference scale for interactive maps.

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