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04-19-2012 01:13 AM
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How can I query a stand-alone table using query attribute task on android?

e.g my map service includes an EMPLOYEE (containing non-spatial data) table and BUILDING layer (spatial data) which are RELATED many-to-one (one building on a university campus can have many employees working--such as faculty and staff) . Can I query EMPLOYEE table to find which BUILDING an employee works for?

What I want is if user types in a faculty name in a text field for example and click on SEARCH button beside it, the result should display (highlight) the BUILDING on map where he works. I know I have to use RelationshipQuery somewhere. But, how do I get the OBJECTID of the NAME user enters in text field (although I do have OBJECTID, NAME,... and some other columns in my EMPLOYEE table) to set the RelationshipQuery.

Can anybody who has developed this kind of application please help me with sample code? I am fairly new to android application development. So, any help will be greatly appreciated.

I have started like as follows, but don't know how to proceed.

            String targetServerURL = "";

            RelationshipQuery query = new RelationshipQuery();
            query.setObjectIds(new int[] {?????});  //HOW TO obtain ObjectID from the name provided by user in the text field
            query.setOutFields(new String[] {"*"});
            QueryTask queryTask = new QueryTask(targetServerURL);

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I am facing same problem can you help me out of this...

thanks and regards
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