Driving Directions

02-23-2016 01:16 PM
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I've developed an android app that finds the shortest route between two points with the driving directions in a spinner that lists the driving directions for the route.

My next step is making use of these driving directions: I added the current location of the device as a point that is located via LocationManager, when the location changes, the point's location changes. More specifically, this point moves on the shortest route since I use this route to reach the destination point.

With the point moving on the shortest route as I drive through this route, I want to link my location with the route, so when I am on an intersection and according to the shortest route I should turn right (my location point is on the intersection) a guiding driving direction appears that says "Turn right", at the next intersection I should turn left, and so another driving direction at that intersection says "Turn Left"

Simply, making the location point connected to the shortest route and its associated driving directions as in google maps, Garmin GPS

Any suggestion about the workflow that should be implemented here and its associated code?

Any help is highly Appreciated!



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