Make a Public Location Referencing API for ArcGIS Pro SDK

06-04-2021 01:28 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

Currently in the ArcGIS Pro SDK, many extensions do not have a public API.

Being someone who creates add-ins to cater for more niche functionality within my organization, would love for this to happen.

For a lot of us, not just my organization, we have a need for certain types of tools that are very uniquely suited to our processes. I understand why it doesn't make sense for Esri to officially add such a niche feature into ArcGIS Pro. As much as Esri would like to help us, time is much better spent for them adding features that would benefit a larger part of the community. This is why I am asking for a public Location Referencing API to be apart of the ArcGIS Pro SDK.

With this API, the community will be able to create custom tools using the Location Referencing extension. For a community like Roads & Highways, we are always experimenting with the current technology and how we can make our processes more efficient. In my case, being able to create custom tools would make training much easier. Efforts like field collection could be streamlined with custom tools that would eliminate the post-processing needed to adapt data to an LRS.

I understand that this would be major effort on Esri's part, but I hope you greatly consider adding this in the future.