Geocoding Suggest API issue

03-27-2024 05:58 AM
New Contributor

The suggest APIs ( are suddenly returning an error when the request includes the category "Cargo Center".

The response is
{"error":{"code":400,"extendedCode":-2147467259,"message":"Unable to complete operation.","details":["Category parameter value entered is not supported"]}}

This is causing to our App a serious issue in the production environment

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Esri Regular Contributor

Thanks for reaching out about the issue you are having.  Categories do change from time but the upper level category "Travel and Transport" won't change.  "Travel and Transport" is the top level category that included "Cargo Center".

Can your app use "Travel and Transport" instead of "Cargo Center"?  There are many other good categories in that top level category that might be useful for your application. 

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