ENH-000165628: Alert user to service length exceeding 260 characters which will be unable to sync

03-04-2024 08:55 PM
Status: Open
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This was an issue that took us a (very) long time to debug, related to this known limitation. This enhancement is a suggestion to alert users to this limitation when they are analysing a service during publishing.

This has been listed with Esri as enhancement request: ENH-000165628


When sharing a web feature layer from ArcGIS Pro to ArcGIS Enterprise the analyser checks if the server input path to map exceeds the operating system file path limit of 260 characters.

When sharing a sync-enabled web feature layer, the check does not take into account the total file size for the delta database that will get created when Field Workers sync offline edits and allows the publisher to share the web feature layer.

When Field Workers sync offline edits from ArcGIS Field Maps, the sync fails.  The GIS administrator has to analyse the logs, determine that the errors are caused by the operating system file path limit getting exceeded, republish the web feature layer, update the web map and request Field Workers to re-download the offline map.

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