Adding, Updating, or Deleting Attachments in FeatureLayer applyEdits in REST API?

05-01-2017 01:28 PM
by Anonymous User
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I was looking over the documentation for the supported operations of the FeatureService and noticed that starting at 10.4, the applyEdits method started supporting an "attachments" parameter.  I am following the documentation and cannot get this to work by doing it manually against the REST endpoint, or programmatically with Python.

I cannot see where I'm going wrong, I have tried to do both add and delete using the apply edits and neither one has worked. I am using this test feature layer (open access):

The documentation has this as an example for the attachments parameter:

  "adds": [{
      "globalId": "{55E85F98-FBDD-4129-9F0B-848DD40BD911}",
      "parentGlobalId": "{02041AEF-4174-4d81-8A98-D7AC5B9F4C2F}",
      "contentType": "image/pjpeg",
      "name": "Pothole.jpg",
      "uploadId": "{DD1D0A30-CD6E-4ad7-A516-C2468FD95E5E}"
      "globalId": "{3373EE9A-4619-41B7-918B-DB54575465BB}",
      "parentGlobalId": "{6FA4AA68-76D8-4856-971D-B91468FCF7B7}",
      "contentType": "image/pjpeg",
      "name": "Debree.jpg",
      "data": "<base 64 encoded data>"
  "updates": [{
    "globalId": "{8FDD9AEF-E05E-440A-9426-1D7F301E1EBA}",
    "contentType": "image/pjpeg",
    "name": "IllegalParking.jpg",
    "uploadId": "{57860BE4-3B85-44DD-A0E7-BE252AC79061}"
  "deletes": [
    " {18F43B1C-2754-4D05-BCB0-C4643C331C29}"

I have tried doing both update and add to no avail.  The features have attachments related by GlobalId, and the "useGlobalIds" parameter is set to "true" when I try it.  When I do the "adds", I am not including a GlobalId because I'm assuming those will be generated automatically, however, I am including the parentGlobalId and have encoded the image in base 64.  

When the adds failed, I thought maybe it was because I was not including a globalId for the new feature, so I tried an update which would have an existing global id.  This is what I passed into the "attachments" parameter for an update:

  "parentGlobalId": "266f0b2c-88c2-4ac7-8e40-10ff461279dc",
  "globalId": "a91a085b-e30c-4146-af96-eb792c6269b5" 
  "data": "...", //the rest is ommitted for clarity
  "contentType": "image/png", 
  "name": "routing.png", 

When trying this with Python, I use Fiddler to watch my request to make sure they are correctly formatted and the screenshot below shows the other parameters I'm using but the attachments parameter does not show up all the way because Fiddler truncates the value which is massive in this case due to the base64 encoded image:

the updates call does work when I do not try to add the attachments parameter.  Has anyone had success using the attachments parameter in apply edits?  I know I can add/update/delete attachments one at a time, but it would be nice how to figure out how to batch edit attachments in the applyEdits method.

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It's the addAttachment method. applyEdits is for changing features. Have you tried adding the file to body? When I used RestSharp, I had to pass the file into AddFile instead of AddParameter.  

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