sde Feature class for Quick Capture with camheading

11-21-2022 02:55 AM
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I'm trying to store data collected in Quick Capture in an Enterprise geodatabase with a referenced Feature Service.

I would like to get one single field filled : camheading using the camheading value available in Quick capture designer.

The feature class has this single field with type Double.

However when I try to collect a record using the mobile app, I get an error message : defining value of camheading failed. Inspecting ArcGIS Server logs, I can see an error "value type incompatible with field type".

Has anyone experienced the same behaviour and is there a way to solve it ?

Thanks a lot


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Hi Polesig, this is not expected behaviour.

It would be good to get on a call to help you troubleshoot this further. Could you send us an email via: and we will get back to you.




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Hi Johnathan, 

I sent the message but did not get any answer.

Thank you

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