QuickCapture Syncing Delays

03-24-2021 01:04 PM
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Good afternoon,

I am writing to see if other users have encountered syncing delays when syncing data (with photos) and what sorts of work arounds y'all have done to help alleviate some of these delays.

  1. Users syncing 15+data points (with photos) are experiencing long delays, and sometimes the sync times out.
    1. They sync when they're back in the office and connected to WiFi
    2. Photos are native camera size.  I recently downgraded the photo size to see if that will help with the syncing
    3. Battery Saving Mode is turned on.
    4. Sometimes the syncing goes at 5 data points at a time, and the user has to keep pressing "sync" after it syncs five then times out.
  2. Work around currently for me is ensuring the map associated with the QC app i am using is saved in regular Map Viewer and not Map Viewer Beta.  This work around doesn't work every time though.

I welcome any thoughts or insights into this, thank you.

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Hi Megan,

By 'Sync', do you mean Send data from the QuickCapture app got timed out? Or data Display got delayed on the map in the app? No.1 sounds like it's a send issue but no.2 threw me off a bit, does the app behave differently when using a web map made from Map Viewer and Map Viewer Beta? Also, it would be great if you would like to share the project with us (QCCreator), as usual. 



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The map does behave differently if it is saved in the new viewer vs the classic viewer.  

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Hi Megan - please feel free to send an email to quickcapture@esri.com - it may be better to get on a call to look into this.

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