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11-24-2020 10:41 PM
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Aloha all,

Writing this from Hawaii. I was wondering if any one experienced this scenario with QuickCapture. 

Running App verison 1.7.56 on a Galaxy Note 9. I have a project A saved on my phone and we use it frequently for work purposes. However our work does take us to areas where there is no cell coverage so I have depended on uploading QuickCapture data when we returned to a cell/wifi area (this has not been an issue up to this point). 

We have a track streaming and some buttons setup to take points when needed (we are doing an aerial survey)

Today I forgot to bring an external battery pack for my phone. My mistake. However toward the end of my survey the battery on the phone died. Upon returning to civilization I powered on my phone, and turned on the QuickCapture app. To my surprise, I did see any projects downloaded. And I checked AGOL and none of the data was uploaded.

Is any of the data saved on the phone? There still is a QuickCapture folder on my phone with a few folders that look like the projects that were supposed to be there. I was hoping for a QCV file but I only see JSON files. 


Any help would be appreciated 🙂


Jon B

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Hi Jon

Sorry for the delay in responding, the GeoNet update meant that we were not getting alerts for posts. To answer your questions:

1) When a line is being captured and the app crashes, the next time you open the app you should be able to see the recovered line. This line will cover from the start, to just before the app went offline.

2) Unless the data has been successfully sent to the server, it will be still on the device and should be recoverable. 

The strange thing is that you can't see your projects. Can you confirm that you have signed into the app using the same online user account?

We'll be happy to help troubleshoot the issue with you. Please drop us an email at quickcapture@esri.com and we can arrange a call.




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