quick capture tracking stop in background

02-09-2021 02:28 AM
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I have encounter a problem with quickcapture app

When I start recording track (pressing an app button) the track start recording.

After a short time i close the screen to save battery. I realized that after a while the application no longer records the track and start recording only when screen is on again. The result is track with strait lines between points

I want to mentioned that the stay awake setting is on (in the app settings)

Can anyone help me?

Thank you!

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Hi John,

Sorry for the late response. it toke some time to implement the new app to the field team.

The app still don't work, when the guys from field team shut down the screen and after 10-15 min when they open the app, the app restart (orange photo appear) and they have to start tracking again



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Hi Adrian,

This sounds like a different issue if the app is being closed while in background. Can you share the phone and operating systems being used? Are there many other apps running on the device? and does the device have much available storage?

This sounds like it could be a device memory issue. Please confirm the above.




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