Quick Capture - Button link - Parts of email not working

08-18-2022 05:34 PM
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I have a Quick Capture project that is working well so far. 

However, I can't seem to get all of the available fields to work when I create a "link" button and then use the URL formatting to customize a default email to send (following this format). Only some of the fields are populating in the body of the email. So I went ahead and put all of the fields I might ever use into my sample email, to see what would work and what wouldn't.

Here is what I put in:



and here is the resulting email - I have bolded the fields that worked:

A Stuff Tracker field worker needs assistance.
































my correct logged in AGOL account name









The last three fields are the Project User Inputs for the project, which I filled out when testing the app.

Any thoughts as to why so many of the fields aren't working?


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Hi Heather - I'm looking into this for you

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Thank you! I am still in the early stages of this project, so it's fine if it takes a little while to sort out. I can make do with just the coordinates for now - that way we can at least grab a user's location who needs assistance - but some of the other fields could be useful for troubleshooting app issues. Appreciate it!

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