Which commands trigger Customization Filters

03-26-2019 01:12 PM
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I'm able to use a CustomizationFilter to run my custom addin code when the user right clicks on a Layer in the Contents Pane and clicks on "Zoom to Layer".

I try to do the same only this time I select an object on the map which opens the Pop-up Pane and then right click the object and try to "Zoom To" that object. Is the "Zoom To" not a command like the other? Is there a way to execute custom addin code instead of the default "Zoom To" behavior?

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Are you referring to the Zoom to button at the bottom of the Pop up - screenshot below:

The only way to customize the Zoom to on the Pop-up is to provide your own pop-up.  Here is a sample that shows you how to implement this:  Custom Pop-up.

Note: You cannot replace Pro's pop-up.