Using conditions with a button palette

12-31-2019 02:56 PM
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I have implemented a button palette in my DAML with two buttons. It seems that the conditions need to be set on the child buttons rather than the parent palette. Condition is not a valid parameter for the buttonPalette XML. If at least one button on the palette is enabled, I would expect the palette to be enabled. However, the opposite appears to be the case. If any of the buttons are disabled, the palette caption/graphic appear to be disabled. The enabled child buttons are still usable. Has anyone else noticed this?

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Hi Lesley

Set the "dropDown" attribute of the buttonPalette element in the Config.daml to true. This will make the palette on the Pro Ribbon to reflect the enabled state of the button.

        <buttonPalette id="PalletteConditions_ButtonPaletteCondition" dropDown="true" caption="ButtonPaletteCondition" menuStyle="true" >
          <button refID="PalletteConditions_ButtonPaletteCondition_Items_Button1" />
          <button refID="PalletteConditions_ButtonPaletteCondition_Items_Button2" />
          <button refID="PalletteConditions_ButtonPaletteCondition_Items_Button3" />



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Thanks Uma. I did as you suggested but now the parent item is always enabled, even if the conditions for all of the child buttons are false. The logical behavior, I think, is to have the parent item disabled unless one or more of the child buttons is enabled.

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