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04-12-2018 11:25 PM
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We have Network Analiysis  new project in Arcgis Pro SDK. İn this project Water Network should be specially developed for GIS.Can this product may have a network analysis in its own right using Pro sdk .In short, all the questions below can be done in Pro or pro sdk ? For example :

  • Can network analysis be defined and saved in advance ?
  • Can it be a specialized network analysis tool for network analysis? Can preliminary analyzes be rolled out from this vehicle?Can It activated ?
  • Can the results of the analysis be listed and show the plate with the Selection?
  • Also optionally interrupted Can it be shown using buffer or spatilal join in results such as neighborhood, region.
  • Considering the attributes and topological relationships of building connection points, bolts can network monitoring be done
  • Can network elements included in the Geometric Network be checked for connectivity
  • Can object be searched and listed between network elements with connectivity errors

Network analysis can meet the following items in Pro sdk:

  1. Selection / colorization of topological objects.
  2. Damage to customers in the event of damage(damaged network element automatically determined by the user) must be calculated).
  3. Valves that need to be shut down at the time of damage (damaged network element eautomatically must be calculated).

If the answers to these questions are yes, does it make ready ArcGIS pro tools or do we have to write tools from ArcGIS Pro SDK?


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GitHub - Esri/utility-network-sdk: The ArcGIS Pro SDK for utility network pre-releases.  says that "Most of the utility network documentation and samples have been integrated in with the ArcGIS Pro SDK."

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