Stop MapView.LookAtAsync()

05-09-2017 09:19 AM
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The behaviour i want to have is to go from one MapPoint to another . I found out about this method LookAtAsync()... 

I would like to handle the interruption of this method in the middle of its execution,  At least, i'd like to know the camera view position when it is moving in realtime.


I tested that  : 

- if you click / zoom you interrupt the task 

- if you launch another MapView.LookAtAsync() , it will interrupt the task . 

I saw that : 

- the camera view seems to freeze ?! this is like the camera is warping from where it is to the point we want it looks at ? when i try to catch the camera viewpoint in the middle of the lookatasync , it sends me back to the original position . Since it is a task, i do understand this behaviour, but.. i'm trying to trace the camera position while it is moving...

I was not able to : 

- find the tasks currently running on the active map , and list them ... ( the prosnippet have a page about tasks and listing tasks ) . the idea behind this is to kill the task/method..

if you have encountered this problem, or you have any leads where to search , your story or your tips would be heartfully welcome ! 

PS : i do not know if the question was clear, or if you need some code, don't hesitate to tell me that too...

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