selected pages in the map series

10-05-2021 08:03 AM
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I need to find out the number of pages the user has selected in the map series tab of a layout's contents pane. It looks like I have to do this by examining the dock pane in the Pro UI.  Any help on how to achieve that? UI coding is not what I normally do.

I already have discovered I can do:

DockPane contentPane = ProApp.DockPaneManager.Find("esri_core_contentsDockPane");

However, DockPane seems pretty opaque. I assume I need to get the "List Map Series Pages" tab and examine the tree displayed to count the number of selected items.

I should add that this really needs to happen behind the scenes, so the state of the Pro UI is not affected.

And I need to support both SpatialMapSeries and BookmarkMapSeries,

TIA for any help.


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