ProgressDialog -> ProgressorSource.Max does not update the progress bar maximum

07-15-2020 08:14 AM
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In our project I want to use a progressDialog to show progress of a data import process. The process has 6 big steps like that. I want to use the same progressDialog to show the progress..

- Converting points... (there are 1817 point in my test file)

- Saving points... (1817)

- Converting lines... (1956)

- Saving lines... (1956)

- etc...

Every single steps raise an event that is catch and updates the progress bar. After fundling with it for half a day, it's now working ok except for one thing.The progressDialog message and the status (wich is the percentage that I compute) updates correctly. But the progress is just going left and right without representing the percentage showed by the status text.

I found out that you must specify the steps parameter at the cration of the ProcessDialog in order to have a progress bar showing real progress. But then you can't change this after the progressDialog is created. Setting ProgressorSource.Max won't affect the progress bar. So for now I'm showing the progressDialog with percentage but the progress bar is unrelevant. 

Is there a way to do this that I don't see? Or I suggest to fix this in the next SDK release.

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We don't have a ProgressDialog in the ArcGIS Runtime SDK.

Is this a platform specific question? (A quick search seems to indicate this might be an Android control, so generally we recommend using android-specific forums,or stack overflow etc for generic platform questions)

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Aaaah that's the Pro SDK, and not the Runtime SDK. Let me see if I can't move this thread over there....

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The only way to implement this currently is to create a new ProgressDialog for each one of your steps, since you only discover the maximum value which each previous step.  I will bring this to the development teams attention.

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