Programmatically disable "auto backup" / "recovery"

02-11-2022 08:17 AM
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in ArcGIS pro sdk, is there a way to disable the option : "project recovery" (found in Settings > Options > Application > General > Project Recovery > "Create a backup when the project has unsaved changes").


We are doing a project where the save is managed otherwise, and would like to disable this option through a ProConfiguration/ProAddin as we also disable all the default menu to expose only our custom make menus. We could also do it during ArcGIS pro install as we do is silently using a .bat file and command line.
"GeneralOptions" class does not contain the option (ArcGIS Pro 2.9 API Reference Guide - GeneralOptions Class—ArcGIS Pro), and I can't seem to find it else where.

There is the configuration options saved in the user's AppData :

<setting name="CreateProjectBackups" serializeAs="String">

But this seems specific to each user, so changing this would require to run something on each profile?

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I have the same question too.  Is there a way to turn it off programmatically?

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