Pro GeoProcessing Raster 'Flip' Command Slow

10-13-2017 05:44 AM
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I am migrating an ArcObjects application to ArcGIS Pro and am encountering poor performance with the Pro raster
'Flip' command.  In the ArcObjects version,  the flip process is pretty much instantaneous through the ArcObjects code:

ArcObjects; Flip; Raster

The Pro sdk paradigm equivalent is calling the Geoprocessing tool 'Flip'.  Calling the flip tool through the Pro SDK is magnitudes slower than the ArcObjects approach listed above.

As the application is run by various end users interactively, the slow processing time is problematic.  A typical request
that  translates data from a 16 different ascii files to a fully baked GRIDS took roughly 17 seconds in ArcObjects.  The Pro version is running almost two minutes, sometimes more.   I get the same results running the tool interactively in Pro.  The first execution of the tool takes over a minute and a half, subsequent executions in the same session run quicker. Still, the cumulative result is slow.

If any esri staff are looking at this, is there any chance future versions of Pro will introduce the same approach that is used in ArcObjects, allowing the raster to be flipped in code, rather than calling the Geoprocessing tool?  
I have started investigating flipping the raster through standard C#,  but would prefer to stick with an esri implementation. However, any thoughts regarding the C# bitmap approach would be welcome. 
Additionally, has anyone else encountered similar results with other Pro Geoprocessing tools vs the ArcObjects equivalents?

While I have found many aspects of Pro great to work with, this performance hit makes it difficult to migrate this application from ArcObjects to Pro.

Any input is appreciated.

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Following a suggestion by Charles MacLeod of ESRI, I posted this same question to the imagery and remote sensing forum that provides more targeted exposure for this topic.  The imagery and remote sensing version of this post resides at:

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