Pro Dialogs with Queued Task

05-08-2020 02:20 AM
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I want to revisit the requirement NOT to be in a QueuedTask to show a Dialog such as OpenItemDialog, SaveItemDialog and the CoordinateSystemPicker example.

When in a QueuedTask the dialogs spin endlessly.

I would like Esri to rethink this restriction.

As an experiment we implemented a basic Coordinate System Picker that works in all conditions. The Esri dialog spins endlessly whilst waiting for the coordinate list to show.

The line of code that creates a list of inbuilt Coordinate Systems is

IReadOnlyList<CoordinateSystemListEntry> coordinateSystemListEntries =


                    CoordinateSystemFilter.GeographicCoordinateSystem | CoordinateSystemFilter.ProjectedCoordinateSystem);

This function is not restricted on which thread it runs so I am unclear as to why the Esri Coordinate System Picker hangs.

Please rethink the internal design of these dialogs so that we can use them without restrictions.



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