Possible Bug in 2.1.1? Inspector Created/Updated

04-11-2018 07:15 AM
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When i create a new feature in arcmap, the CreatedBy, CreatedDateUTC, UpdatedBy, and UpdatedDateUTC all say null in the attribute editor.  I am using a feature service.  This was not the case in 2.1.0.  Refreshing the map (Blue Circle) is the only way to pull this information in.

I am using onRowCreate and onRowChange events in the Module, but the value doesn't seem to be on the initial argument like it was for 2.1.0.  It happens out of the box as well as in my code here below.

protected static async void onRowCreateEvent(RowChangedEventArgs args)
        long _updateOID = args.Row.GetObjectID();

        //Get the layer of the selected item
        FeatureClass newFC = (FeatureClass)args.Row.GetTable();
        string updateItemName = newFC.GetDefinition().GetAliasName();
        FeatureLayer firstFeatureLayer = FeatureServiceManagement.GetFeatureLayer(updateItemName);

        //Load the inspector                
        await inspr.LoadAsync(firstFeatureLayer, _updateOID);

        //These are all now NULL 
        string CreatedDateUTC = inspr["CreatedDateUTC"];
        string CreatedBy = inspr["CreatedBy"];
        string UpdatedDateUTC = inspr["UpdatedDateUTC "];
        string UpdatedBy = inspr["UpdatedBy"];
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