Parcel Fabric SDK in ArcGIS Pro

09-03-2019 11:16 PM
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On latest ArcGIS Pro release ESRI added Parcel Fabric support (What's new in ArcGIS Pro 2.4—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop ).

If you go and check new things in ArcGIS Pro SDK (ArcGIS Pro 2.4 API Reference Guide ), then nothing there.

My goal is to create some tools for customers which will enable parcel fabric automatically for some databases - I think about some commands where user will pick some database (with known structure) and will get parcel fabric with some data. Also I may need some code which read data from parcel fabric and show various information about it for customer (maybe reports, etc...), but I don't see any API to access it (it was no issues in ArcMap).

I'm missing something?

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Hello Darius,

There is no public .Net api for parcel fabrics at 2.4. We are working on releasing some parcel fabric specific SDK functionality in 2.5. However, with 2.4  you can already automate many things such as creating a fabric, adding fields, etcetera, by using the geoprocessing API. For a good sample, and to get some ideas,  you can see the python script code that ships with the product, under Parcel Tools -> Administration -> Upgrade ArcMap Parcel Fabric:

(You are probably already familiar with it, but for others reading this, please see an overview and background on the Pro parcel fabric from the Q and A here: )

You mentioned the business requirement to make customized reporting tools to present information on parcels. For this you may find that you are already able to achieve many of these goals with 2.4 .Net SDK. This is because the parcel fabric in Pro is a controller dataset for standard feature classes and so this, in turn, means that you can access the feature objects of the fabric as-if they are standard features.

However, as you explore the 2.4 SDK, please post additional questions / queries if you find that there are things missing that you require for a specific workflow.

Please also note the SDK for Utiilty Networks, here:

I draw your attention to utility network sdk, because parcel fabric sdk will follow the same general pattern because the implementation of the parcel fabric in Pro is similar to utility network datasets. The parcel fabric sdk in 2.5 will include snippets and samples to illustrate these similar concepts.

The additions to the parcel fabric sdk that are coming in 2.5 will be targeted to support customized parcel-based edit tools.


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Thank you for very informative answer - this information is very helpful.

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