Looking for an EditCanceledEvent

09-08-2016 07:13 AM
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I have a custom button that I want to use to launch the edit vertices tool, then respond to the completed edit.

This much is working:

'listen for the OnEditCompleted event
 _edit_completed_event_token = EditCompletedEvent.Subscribe(AddressOf OnEditCompleted)
 'activate the move button
 Dim cmd As ICommand = TryCast(FrameworkApplication.GetPlugInWrapper("esri_editing_EditVerticesMove"), ICommand)
 If cmd IsNot Nothing AndAlso cmd.CanExecute(Nothing) Then
 End If

The edit vertex toolbar displays and when the sketch is completed the OnEditCompleted fires and I can use the EditCompletedEventArgs to get information about the edit that was just performed.

But if the user hits the cancel button on the edit vertex toolbar, or if they finish sketch without having made an edit, the OnEditCompleted does not fire.  I am looking for an event that I can subscribe to in this case, so I can respond to the fact that the user canceled the move vertex edit.

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Hi Ted,

We currently don't have a public event for sketch cancelled or for the vertex events if you are curious. These are on the list.

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