Load point cloud to feature layer or create point cloud layer programmatically

02-08-2023 12:31 AM
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Hello. I have custom lidar data stored as x, y, z, RGBA, and WKT. WKT is also included. Is there any way to load them into the point cloud layer programmatically? I've achieved some representation using the feature layer, but not able to specify the color for each point. Maybe I'm using the wrong layer type =(



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No, you cant load them directly into a point cloud scene layer.

You could load them into a regular Z aware point feature class and display them in a layer with RGB symbology but you would loose the functionality inherent to the point cloud layer and it would be unwieldy for rendering without any las filters etc.

You would be better served by writing a las file directly, outside of ArcGIS, with something like the laspy python library or FME then display it natively in ArcGIS Pro.

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