Limiting project saving location

08-24-2020 10:19 PM
by Anonymous User
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Hi Guys,

I have a requirement to force users to save into particular network share drive location rather than in the local computer. (As Enterprise Data Governance Policy)

I manage to change the startup page with configuration addin module by creating totally new startup page, new create project dialog and so on.

But I have a difficulty on  Untitled project type (Blank Project) saving, user don't want to define the location first, later they want to save.

So, When user create the project with blank template , it trigger ProjectSavingEvent, … (into temp location) => I need to ignore it

When user really save it start prompting to save the folder location, after user select the location, ProjectSavingEvent with argument of saving location.

Question for this item is => How I can interrupt the CIM/Queued task thread with UI thread to modify the saving location?, I am planning to launch the pro windows dialog for the user to choose the network location with project name. Based on the dialog return result I want to change it. And how I will know that project is created from untitiled project template?

Any idea Wolfgang Kaiser‌?

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