call ComboBox method from MapTool

08-20-2020 05:58 PM
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In the SDK's Examples\MapExploration\GetMapCoordinates.cs, the map coordinates become available in HandleMouseDownAsync(...).

Afterwards, still in HandleMouseDownAsync(...), I need to invoke a method defined in a ComboBox, something like:

public void SearchXY (double x, double y) 
{ this.queryRows = this.database.Query(x, y); UpdateCombo(); }

How can I obtain a reference to this ComboBox?

Or is an event needed?

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Thanks Gintautus, That code looks promising. Will the DAML need to be changed?

I wish that the SDK did the work for me. The add-in's default Module singleton would provide access by some "FindItem" method.

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Hi Jack,

It is possible to get your combobox in ArcGIS Pro way, but there is no samples with combobox.

var comboBox = FrameworkApplication.GetPlugInWrapper("your_combox_id");

I have checked it returns wrapper with CommandType value ComboBox, but I don't what to do next. For example, cast to your combobox class or something like that. You can investigate that way.

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Yes Gintautas, that code in Combo Box Reload showed the way.

The add-in has classes Module1, MapTool1ComboBox1, plus my own Database.

The required call from MapTool1 works fine and is simply

Module1.Current.ComboBox1.SearchXY(x, y);

Visual Studio made some suggestions to simplify the code (and the Config.daml needed no change).

In brief, the additions / modifications were:


public ComboBox1 ComboBox1 { get; set; } = null;


public ComboBox1()
    if (Module1.Current == null) return;
    Module1.Current.ComboBox1 = this;
    this.database = new Database();

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